Welcome to Katmai Alaska!
Organiziers : Sam Leax & Isabella Janney

What is the name of your National Park?
Katmai National Park

Where is your National Park? Include at least one map.
My National Park is in Alaska
What kind of National Park is it?
An alpine tundra enviroment

A description of Katmai National Park is:
latitude: 59° 0'7.41"N Longitude:154°49'34.43"W Saltwater and no freshwater. Katmai has few trees, but is very mountainous.

What are two other similar National Parks?Why are they similar? Include maps of those two National Parks as well.
Rocky Mountians because it is an Alpine Tundra National Park, a Alpine Tundra is a Tundra that is treeless because of the high elevation rather than high latitude.
And Kenai Fjords beacause of its brown bears. Both national parks have a high population of bears in the area.
external image kenavic.jpg external image m_rmnpov.gif
Did you know?
Mt. Martin is just one of five active volcanoes in Katmai National Park.Water_volcano.jpg
There are many bears in the National Park due to all of the water and fish, but some of the bears fight over a fish!